Thursday, January 23, 2014

SUPPLEMENTS, et al, or...           GAG ME WITH ANOTHER PILL !
I really never saw this one coming... but one of my friends started in on the same old dialogue... "It's just expensive (albeit colorful) urine..."  Yeah, well...  NO !!!
There are several factors to consider when considering (non-prescription) supplementation... My view is fairly simple and straightforward...
I take a dozen or so daily supplements on a regular basis, and another dozen or so, as necessary...
Why ? First of all because there is little guarantee that you are getting the "full" nutritional value from your food, for several reasons... including the lack of nutrients available in the soil (which affects both plants, AND the animals that eat them). If you are eating REAL, then processing should not be a significant factor, but elapsed time & storage need to be considered... Also, most of us don't eat the same thing at every meal, every day... so most of the vitamins, etc., aren't necessarily covered, and, I don't see a lot of people who eat the ENTIRE food, like I'll bet we used to... when I eat an apple, I eat the ENTIRE apple (the seeds of which contain a minute amount of cyanide, which intestinal parasites despise)... I've even been known to eat the peel of my "little cuties" (vit. C, bioflavonoids, d-limonene)... but I haven't mastered eating the entire bone in my steak (S, Si, K, Mg, P, etc.), or the peel of my pomegranate (PPE). I also don't crush and eat the shells of my oysters (Ca), nor do I eat dirt (microbes). Are ya kinda getting the picture ?
NOW, worst-case scenario... I actually eliminate the majority of my intake of supplements... that simply means my body did not need them, or could not utilize them at that moment... GREAT !!!
I'd rather play the odds that I am OVER-consuming nutrients, than be DEFICIENT in them....


  1. I agree with taking supplements. The line called Mountain Peak Nutritionals out of Oregon has worked very well for me. The 'Heart Tension' and 'Mood Support' are only two of a wide spectrum offered. Have been taking D3, liquid lecithin, vitamin C, flax oil sometimes, a blood sugar stabilizer Diabest 2 and just had 2 bowls of seaweed miso soup with which I'd like to start every day.

    1. If you are going to take D3, you need to take K2 as well... Life Extension has an excellent product... as for seaweed, it used to be one of my favorites, however, if it comes from the Pacific, I can no longer recommend it.